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Thankful: A Spotlight on our Photographer & Web designer.

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Ashten Farah

Thankful for You!

You know, I'm a pretty thankful person year-round and I think its tremendously important to be grateful for those that support you, want to see you succeed, and especially, go that extra mile to help out a friend. This Thanksgiving, I'm taking the opportunity to put a spotlight on a few women that are this exact definition. Ashten is an extremely selfless, genuine soul. Her smile will light up a room, and her laughter is contagious!

Ashten Farah Photography

Not only is Ashten an amazing photographer, and website builder, but she does it to bring joy to others. Effortlessly, she shot Wink and Gunn's first photo shoot; bringing shadows, focus, and lighting that wonderfully highlighted the aesthetic and vibe of the brand. You know how they say a photo is worth a thousand words? Never was this sentiment more true. Her approach was calm and confident, smooth, and efficient. We stayed within our timeframes at each location and managed to have fun, laughing, and joking all the while. The playful nature of the shoot is represented on every face, as they were allowed to explore the stables and grounds. You may peruse through more of her other work in the Instagram link below:


Ashten the mother of a handsome little boy named Jack who is smart and funny and loves to chase around my cat Hamilton. She is an amazing mom, who like most, has to juggle many things, and yet still makes him her number one priority. On the weekend you might find them at the pumpkin patch getting ready for the Holiday season!


Oh yea, and if that wasn't enough, she has a full time day job as a Senior Recruitment Marketing Specialist focusing on employer branding and recruitment efforts for retail, warehouse, and corporate positions at Giant Eagle. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Corporate Communication and recently received a Certificate in Digital Marketing from The Wharton School.

I'm so THANKFUL for this talented, professional, mother, and sincere friend!

-Laura Burrell

Founder and Director of Wink&Gunn.

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