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Black History, Present, and Future.

I have been blessed to share my life with many beautiful Black women. I remember one of my best friends' moms when I was growing up, being an amazing example of strength and beauty. Her words were strong and authoritative and her hugs were filled with love and kindness. I've had friends that have graciously talked to me about their experiences with racism, shared their cultural differences, and helped me to learn what it means to be a better human.

One of those dear friends, Teya Williams, has been on our Women supporting Women page from the beginning and she continues to blow me away with her talent, tenacity, and boldness. I cannot tell you how beyond proud I am to watch her pursue her dreams of cultivating the dreams of others. From her very first vision party, I knew that she was building something life changing! She has been instrumental in making Wink&Gunn a possibility, and has always encouraged me to pursue my DREAMS.

While she certainly doesn't need my promotion, as her friend it is my hearts greatest desire to see her succeed. Truthfully, her success will mean the lives of all she has touched will be the better for it. So, thank you, Teya, for not only being a close friend and confidant, but for being the beautiful, strong, light that the world needs. I will forever be in your corner, cheering you on!

Please check out all the amazing things Teya has been working on by clicking this link to her website. She's the real deal, this, and every month!

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