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A Legacy.

Today we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A man who not only deserves to be honored for the changes he helped make, but for the life he lived. He lived a life of example, modeling for others what light and love look like. He didn't just talk about it. He had a lot of amazing and memorable quotes for sure, but how he lived his life took courage, patience, and wisdom. I hope that we can honor his legacy not only today, but everyday. Today, I encourage you to get out and volunteer, or do something that honors his life, but I hope that everyday you will think about what he fought for and live a life that drives out darkness and hate, not one that promotes it. They say, people fear what they don't know, maybe its time to get to know your neighbors a little better. Time to learn about a culture that might not be your own. Love casts out fear, and this is not a time we should fear each other. Our country is made stronger by all of the different cultures and backgrounds that each offer something unique and beautiful. Can we embrace the beauty in our differences today and everyday?

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