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Are you familiar with the gesture of when a friendly person winks and points at you while making a clicking sound?  To us, this gesture is synonymous with sending positive vibes someone’s way.  Whether it’s a “Hey, how are you”, or a “You betcha”, this kind of fun, carefree positivity is exactly the kind of message we wanted the brand name to represent.  Spread love and joy with "the wink and the gun" at Wink & Gunn.

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Laura Burrell

Founder and Designer, Laura Burrell, has spent 18 years honing her skills in the corporate design sector, building a network of artists and advisors. In 2022, Laura launched Wink & Gunn, a lifestyle brand for the modern frontier.

Wink & Gunn uses high quality, ethically sourced, and sustainable product made solely United States.

Inspired by the modern western aesthetic, her goal is to spread the light and love of Jesus in a world of darkness, to lift others up, and to encourage with positivity.

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