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Get to know the new additions!

If you haven't had the opportunity to check out our Women Supporting Women page under "About", I highly recommend you take the time to discover some of the amazing women in the Creative Business world. We have just added two new ladies to the line-up! Both amazingly talented and worth checking out!

Hey Dani Creative (Pittsburgh, PA) is a brand studio for small, good-hearted shops and service boutiques that have an eye for style and a passion for their path. I have known Danielle for years and trust her aesthetic and commitment to excellence! If you, or anyone you know, are looking to launch or freshen up your brand, take a look at her site or just reach out to her.

Horsethief (On the Mesa of Taos, NM) is primarily a jewelry studio, offering an assortment that is crafted by hand utilizing 100% post consumer recycled gold and/or silver and ethically sourced gemstones. I personally purchased a turquoise ring from Elizabeth about 4 years ago and it is one that I wear everyday and get multiple complements on it due to its unique style and beauty. The shop has branched out over the years and now offers candles, cards, scents, and other unique finds. Elizabeth is also known to work with clients to create one of a kind heirloom-quality jewelry. With its heart rooted in the west with an old soul feel, its a natural pairing with any Wink & Gunn apparel. Check out the shop!

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